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Client Area and Recent Weddings


Our clients area, here you will find links to our wedding filing system, each link will take you to the same place.

If you are looking for your photographs from your wedding you will already have a password and user name to access your private gallery.

If your wondering what a full days photography looks like please get in contact with me and i can provide you access to some (with the couples permission) of the gallery’s.

Alana and Miguel

Wedding photography at Lympne Castle, Kent

Another Lympne Castle wedding  from the beginning of the year . Once again Alana and Miguel chose to have a full days wedding photography at Lypmne Castle and have it presented in one of our albums. Starting with both Alana’s Preps as well as Miguel’s. a preview  is available at Alla and John, Lympne Castle wedding photography.


Nataila and 

Wedding photography at No.1 St Marys Axe, Better known as the Gurkin, London.

One of London’s Most Iconic buildings as a wedding reception venue only overshadowed by a wonderful sunny day to have the photographs in one of my, and the couples favorite parks.

Familiar with both (recommended supplier for the Gurkin and authorized photographer for the royal parks)  this wedding had all the things I love about London wedding photography.

Alla and John

Wedding photography at Lympne Castle, Kent

Alla and John decided on Full day wedding photography coverage as well as going for one of our Graphi Studio albums, a Selection of the images from their wedding are available at Alla and John, Lympne Castle wedding photography.

Wedding photography the maidens barn essex

Jo and David

Wedding photography at The Maidens Barn, Essex

The Second time I’ve been at this relativity new venue, but very much like the guests regardless of this it never fails to amaze me, one how nice it is and two how difficult it can be to find! I would if your reading this recommend coming in the other way than that your thinking of.

Blessed by another day of amazing weather, and an amazing couple for this wedding at maidens barn.

wedding photography at Blake Hall Essex

Laura and Steve

Wedding photography at Blake Hall, Essex.

Laura and Steve, choose one of the closest venue to my house, the wonderful Blake Hall both for the preps and for the reception. The Ceremony its self at the local church less than two mins by car and walk-able (just) from Blake hall itself.

Full day essex wedding photographycoverage with Graphi studio Album


Laura and Stefan

Wedding photography at Hayne Barn house, Saltwood, Kent

Another venue that despite it being on the the border of what come between a local wedding and one that requires a night away, Hayne Barn House is one of my regular venues.

Laura and the cricket mad Stefan (see the theme) chose this as it was close(ish) to the stunning hill top church they choose for the wedding, overlooking the English channel. a full day of wedding photography at Hayne Barn, Kent


Kerrie and Liam

Wedding photography at Eastwell Manor Kent

Kerrie and Liam, were among others in suffering from the effect of smaller less established “facebook” business appearing and latter collapsing these last few years. But luckerly for them the disaster led to finding a new venue one with catering, that led to here.

The venue to rival all venues wedding photography ar Eastwell Manor Kent is no less challenging, the place is just so very grand, so very romantic and at the same time so intimate. In my Kent top ten? yes without a doubt.


Laura and Katy

Wedding photography at The Moat, Sevenoaks, Kent.

Laura and Katy both got ready together at Pretty Maid House around 10 mins from The Moat, fortunately great planning and covert moments meant that neither see the other until the wedding.

It was beautiful to see nervousness give way to such pure emotion, Im sure there wasn’t a dry eye in the room, and any question friends and family had was answered buy the clear love they have for each other


Katy and Darren

Wedding photography at Stockbrook Manor, Essex.

Katy and Darren, booked a package that no only included myself as their photographer but also extended the coverage on in to the evening with the hire of one of our photo booth for the guests entertainment.

Katy had her preps included in the wedding photography package and it was a pleasure to finally have the opportunity to keep this all on one site with the opening of the farm house, this is much more convenient than having to get ready elsewhere.







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