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Before your wedding photography

Before your wedding photography

Wedding Photography, Its all in a Days Work…

Firstly its not, I’m not talking about the work done after the actual wedding photography has taken place.

I am however talking about the work that goes in to creating your perfect wedding photography, and obtaining the results you want for your wedding photography.

And this is how I do this
So I guess its starts with that initial enquiry, something somewhere on this, my humble wedding photography site, enticed you to find out more, you fill in the enquiry form, we book a date, I visit your home and we chat, and I dink all your tea.

This meeting is not only a chance to show you the albums and my work in them, more importantly you get to judge if my personality and photography style really will, as you suspected, fit with your wedding photography ideas.

For me, your wedding photography starts here…

I also get a chance to meet you, to understand your history, to find out about the proposal (maybe that’s just me being nosey!), the type of photography you like and a rough idea of your wedding day plans.

My intention is to make sure your wedding photography is the best I’ve ever done, and this involves ground work before the wedding, for me this starts with a visit to your venue.

Wedding photography, Nothing is left to chance.

This venue visit is the first of three, if I’ve not photographed here before, two if i have, it give me a chance to find the various places that you wedding photography will take place in through out your wedding day. A chance also to work out my roots and driving times between them, and an initial chance to build up a rough plan for the day.

The 2nd of these visits, and I start to build my plans for your wedding photography, taking photos, making notes, where is the sun at the time of the wedding photos? where are the best places for the wedding photos? Plan A for sunny and always a plan B for the, well just in-case we need it.

I’ve been to your venue, I have my notes, my photos and my ideas, but you have your ideas. And to this end it time we meet again, if possible at the venue, it give us chance to look around together, you to show me your ideas and me mine, together we form the final plan for your wedding photography.






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