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The untold truth, how to choose a wedding photographer and what they do to fool you!

1. Award winning!?

One of my favs, but what does it really say?

In short very little, unless the award is relevant, to you… tractor photographer of the week or internet selfie queen are not going to be awards that led to great wedding coverage, nor an award of “third place at the local 3 member camera club”

At worst its not even true, its difficult to find a photographer on Facebook that isn’t “award winning”  its a marvelously unregulated site that is for some reason outside of the normal advertising rules.

Make sure you ask the question “I see you have won awards? what awards are these?” your not being rude your just being smart.

2. Save £100, Save A Million!

Don’t get me wrong, Photographer do run offers, we do. We do it to fill dates and, of course, to boost business.

So whats the issue here? The easiest way to say it is your not saving money, your reducing cost. I can see that sounds the same but its not… You see you choose a photographer on style, personality and cost, not cost alone.

Secondly and most disturbingly £100 of what? what is the real original cost and has this ever been charged. Im thinking of running an offer of £1000 off a full days photography so you now get it for £799 (this ends up more than my normal charge, but makes the example clear)

3. How many years experience!?

“Photographer 15 years experience” with a portfolio going back 6 months?

I do know of at least one photographer who claims 20+  (why they wouldn’t use 21 or 22 instead of 20+ should ring alarm bells)  years experience, who started taking wedding photos last year!

If they make the claim, ask them about it, ask them how they started, when their first wedding was. Im happy to show you the images from weddings I shot 17 years ago, there not amazing but I was just starting out, but they are there and Im happy to show anyone

Oh and don’t (i can hear it already) fall for i don’t have them anymore. Pro Photographers have everything, if they cant prove their claim move on FAST.

4. The Portfolio, what to look for..

This is the area that’s going to give the game away, surely ? Well yes (in a major way) but you need to know how.

Been to photo school? 

One or two outstanding images maybe taken at a training course under the tuition of a professional in a controlled environment, followed by a few badly framed, not sharp photos of planes… RUN.

Water and horizons? 

Rule 1 are the photos straight? look at the horizons, and the door frames. if it looks like all the water would slop to one side of the photo… RUN FASTER.

As a sub note there is a technique know as dutch tilt, I personally don’t like it, more than that I hate it when its done incorrectly.  It is a complicated technique that has rules.

The dress is White, the Suit is Black

If its was to be ivory it should be, NOT so bright all the detail is lost, NOT PURPLE (i have recently seen this!! (please leave photo shop alone!)  And the suit have detail too?

all wrong



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